I have placed an order.. so what’s next?

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Who are we?

We are an ONLINE- BASED FASHION BUSINESS. We take orders and delivers to all parts of Malaysia. We are not just make, but we DESIGN & CRAFTED –meticulously & lovingly custom made wear for our customer to cater their fashion needs. Each of our custom made wears are treated exclusively for each customer. We committed to keep our customer continuously updated throughout the process of making to ensure that the outcome is desirable.

How to placed an order?

Just fill in the form in the link below and make a RM100 payment to book your date:

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Please take note that we will only attend patrons that already made a booking payment.
this booking fees is include in the final price of your order , don’t worry about it.

What type of design that we can customade for you?

We Offer a various type of design that suit you needs and desire.
we are happy to design any type of dress  that you dream of.
please follow our instagram / facebook page to have a look at our previous client final product.

Where is our boutique?

Our centre is at johor bahru , johor.
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How about the payments? do we have to pay in full at once?.

Absolutely not, we only take full payment once we completed the final product.
However, this is our payment flow:

1- Date booking – RM 100
2- Receiving design and invoice – 40% on total price
3- You can pay in stages or in full upon completion of your final product. .

How about design and material?

It’s your own choice to let us design for you or provide us with any design you desired with. And same goes with material, you are free to choose your own material or let us find one for you. For further information about design and material feel free to contact us.

How about design and material?

It’s your own choice to let us design for you or provide us with any design you desired with. And same goes with material, you are free to choose your own material or let us find one for you. For further information about design and material feel free to contact us.

I’ve made an order and submit my measurement 6 months ago…and now im loosing/gaining so much weight…what should i do?

In this particular case, if we still haven’t begin the cutting process, easy, just inform us and resubmit your new measurement. However if your dress is already on a finishing state and we have to do an alteration, we might have to charge you an additional charge for alteration.

How can i submit my measurement to you?

1- Through our e-form, we will give you a link to the form and also a video tutorial to guide you through out the process (FOC)
2- Courier us an appropriate sample dress for the measurement.
3- Ask nearby tailor to get your measurement (We will provide the measurement form)
4- Upon request, WI reps. will go to your place for the measurement.( Unfortunately however, extra charge will be charge to you depending on the area) .

You said affordable but it’s a bit pricey for me…why?

It is important to understand that we did not do a normal tailoring, despite, we only make customs wear that fit just right to your needs. Apart of that we make a couture with the finest finishing and embellishment that will pops your heart out. Trust me, our price is still the best in town.

What is our price range?

Request here for our quotation.
However, each individual price might varies depending on the material and complexity of the design. This is just a rough quotations and the price is not limited to this quotations.

How long will it takes to complete an order?

Time taken to produce each product varies from product to product. Some will only take a week but some will take as long as 1 months. Normally we will planned to complete your order 1-2 weeks before your event date. That is why you have to make a booking as early as possible so we can arrange the production of your order and you can have it on time.

Have an event? When is the best time to placed an order?

We using a booking system and the best time to place an order are the earliest possible. This is because if your event date is taken we will try to accommodate another slot for you to ensure that you received have your final product before the event day.

Payment Method

Currently we’re only received bank in transfer to local bank account.
We are progressing to make online payment available in near future , just base with us.
You will receive an email with our account number once you submited the order form.

How about fitting?

In Most of our customers will do their own fitting when the received the package. We usually courier it to you 1-2 weeks early from your events date. If there’s a need to do any alteration, just make a note to us or snap a picture of the defect and courier it back to us for alteration. However, upon request, we are also able to go to your location for the fitting, but, extra charge will be charged for this service.

I prefer to discuss about the design with you face to face, could it be possible?

Ofcourse, we may assist you face to face, however, extra charges will be charged for us to go to your place.

When and how will my order be delivered to me? and the courier charges?

Usually we will try to make your order delivered to your front door 1-2 weeks early from your event date. We will courier it to you using GDEX or PosLaju..
For peninsular Malaysia, courier is FOC. However, for East Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore, we will include the charges in your invoice depending on the area and the weight (estimation)of your dress.

How about READY TO WEAR ?

You can browse varieties of or ready to wear collections here
Our online shop sells various of new,fresh and fashionable wears that will suit you in any way that you can think of. Depending on the demand, some items are purchased-ready and some you have to pre-order.

Extra charges?

Extra charges are only applicable if we are requested to go to you place. The charges are solely for the expenses of fuel, toll ect..

** Charges are varies depending on your locations.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Statement of Terms and Conditions WajieIbrahim transactions.

1 – It is aware that there is no compulsion in discussion or talks to purchase or obtain our service in WajieIbrahim. All transactions and business transactions is above the will of the buyer or the customer itself.
2 – Full payment for the reservation or purchase shall be made before the final product is taken.
3 – The price in the invoice statement is valid only if no additions or modifications made at the request of the customers themselves. Prices will be changed if this happens by being added. However the original invoice price is the minimum price that cannot be reduced as agreed by both parties (buyer and WajieIbrahim)
“Booking Fee” of Rm 100 is the ‘non-refundable’. But if the business of buying and selling is proceed, the booking fee will be deducted from the overall price as stated in the invoice.
4 –  ** Booking fee needed to reserve a slot for your order in our monthly order quota.
– A deposit of 40% of the order will not be returned and considered forfeited in accordance with the purchase agreement such in the  ‘Islamic Arboun, where after the contract was made and the buyer to cancel the sale and purchase, the money will not be refunded. This deposit is refundable only if WajieIbrahim is unable to continue to proceed with the order.
6 –  For customers who choose the option of paying in installments, to be paid until full payment described earlier before they can collect the finished product. Payment receipt will be issued in accordance with the payment.
– Make sure you are clear to all our terms before proceeding with the purchase.
8 – Customer have to sign this terms before making payment as prove of acknowledgement.
– For On-Line customers, any payment made to us means that you’re fully understood and agreed with these terms and conditions.